Everyone here at HotRod 6 Strings works tirelessly to remain
The Coolest Custom Guitar Shop on the East Coast!

Here at Guitar Headquarters we make custom guitars on premises, routinely perform restorations for vintage guitars, and continuously perform guitar and bass setups, as well as perform mods and enhancements on all things guitar. Repairs of guitars and basses are a specialty here at the shop so never hesitate to contact us!

Proudly Experienced & Fiercely Dependable; Guitars are magical because every guitar is different. You can own five or 10 models of one company’s guitar, and they’ll all sound different. It’s because of the wood. Wood isn’t manufactured; it’s from nature. So any two guitars, cut from the same piece of lumber, can have different tonal characteristics.

We make guitars, we buy and sell guitars, buy and sell guitar parts, and buy and sell vintage gear. All things Guitar all the Time! It’s what we do!